Friday, May 4, 2012

Eddie Winslow and the Fuzzy Silk Shirt

SO, this lanky-ass loser who sadly sits three cubies away from me at work thinks that the smooth fashions that men of color (Will Smith, AJ Slater, Cockroach...) sported in the 1990's is a smashing look. His name is Eddie Winslow. I believe his birth name is Joseph, but Im fairly certain that Eddie Winslow is his actual name, so thats what I call him...while talking about him behind his back because I've never actually spoken to Eddie. Everyday, I am visually assaulted by his black sitcom-y apparel. Let me tell you, this fool LOVES a good color-blocking. "Hmmm, what shall I wear today, closet? Oh, a black shirt with one burgandy sleeve and one teal sleeve? Good choice!" WTF, no its NOT a good choice! And all of his shirts are made of that weird fabric thats like fuzzy silk. That is literally the best that I can describe this fabric. Fuzzy silk. He is also not known to turn down a geometric shape. Think of the Fresh Prince episode when Will and Tyriq wore the same shirt to Hilary's catering job.
Unless you are on your way to a Boyz II Men or Bell Biv DeVoe concert with a shorty named Shanice or Tanya with an "a" on your arm, change your fucking shirt. And take off those 5,000 pleat plants while you're at it.

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you're not well